Ava gave birth to 8 puppies on November 28th!(5 girls and 3 boys) black/silver and salt/pepper CH Destineez Daredevil "Murdock", is the proud father!

Our puppies are all raised from day one in our house with all of the love and care we can give them. As I said before, we see them as wonderful gifts from above! We socialize them with various people including children to make them as adaptable to their new homes as possible. They are kept with us and their moms until at least 10 weeks of age. Puppies are sold with a limited registration unless to an approved show home. Litters are occasional. We focus on quality, not quantity. All breedings are carefully and thoughtfully considered to get the best crosses possible.

Adding a puppy to your family is a very big decision that will impact your life for many years. Miniature schnauzers live on the average of 12-15 years, and having a puppy is a 365 day/year, 24 hour/day responsibility.

Miniature schnauzers need regular grooming. Are you prepared to have your puppy groomed every 6-8 weeks?

If you have other dogs and/or children, do you think they will get along well? Never leave children unattended with puppies, and never make a child solely responsible for a pet.

Do you have a fence yard to protect your puppy from traffic, other dogs, etc.?

How many hours/day do you work away from home, and will your puppy have company when you are gone? Who will care for your puppy when you are gone?

Are you prepared to keep your puppy indoors except time out to exercise/play?

Puppies are an expense. Are you financially able to care properly for a puppy?

These are all very important questions to consider before purchasing a puppy, and we want to make sure you both are happy!